Hey, Divine Being, I'm Bela.

I mentor magical human beings who struggle with self-worth to heal their traumas and overcome blocks so that they can show up in their lives without self-doubt plaguing them.

This high level mentorship has been carefully crafted to help you develop deeply powerful confidence by utilizing a wide variety of spiritual, psychotherapeutic, and scientifically proven techniques. In addition to receiving support through your healing, you will learn healing modalities that you can return to at any time.

There is nothing more powerful than transforming from the inside out, and I am here to support you in awakening your authentic essence and embracing your soul's purpose. It's nothing short of magic.

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Nicole B

"I am grateful for this beautiful unfolding and for Bela's contribution to my personal growth. In addition to being a natural healer, she provides a vast amount of tools. For these I am SO grateful. I have learned tools that I have incorporated into my own daily practices and some that I also use with my own clients.

Bela is truly a gem. A light. If you’re thinking about joining her program, I would recommend thinking no more. Stop thinking. Feel into it. Stop worrying about the investment. Trust the universe. Leap, and the net will appear. Investing in yourself can be scary, but it is the most important work you can do and it will be sent back to you times infinity."

The Divine Alignment Activator mentorship is for you if...

  • Suffer from negative and painful thoughts in regards to your self worth, but deeply want to embody self-love
  • Find yourself feeling drained and uninspired and want to awaken your sense of purpose, passion, and pleasure
  • Still find yourself carrying around family, past relationship, and sexual traumas that are blocking you from connecting to your innate spirituality, creativity, and potential
  • Constantly give your energy away, people please, or worry too much about how others perceive you, to the point that you often feel a deep sense of anxiety, depression, or dread.
  • Struggle to feel connected to your body and intuition
  • Want to stop comparing and competing with other women
  • Want to help heal the collective, but still need to heal yourself
  • Are ready to heal your self-worth and activate your personal power
  • Want to become deeply knowledgeable about spiritual, psychotherapeutic, and healing practices and techniques
  • Are ready to stop playing small and take charge of your life

Ambre F.

"Investing in DAA has been one of the best decisions of my life. During the three months I learned to deal with my shadows & I let go of traumas I've been dealing with for the past 5 years in only 2 weeks, learnt about self-love, creativity, rituals, manifestation and so much more! Bela is an incredible mentor who guides us to countless aha moments.  Between her support, the group which is so supportive and loving and the 80+ tools you will learn,

Divine Alignment Activator is undoubtably an excellent investment and life choice."

The Method

Bela deliberately crafted a 6 phase method to help reveal and heal any traumas, blocks, or limitations, and learn how to heal them. Bela's signature method equips you with tools to create a deeply confident and empowered reality that you LOVE.

Soul Tribe Community

You will receive 12 breakthrough experience group calls with your soul tribe during which you will experience hypnotherapy, shamanic breathwork journeys, and more, with the opportunity to connect with your soul sisters and create lasting bonds.

Online Learning Portal

You will be given access to six modules through the Online Learning Portal.  Every other week, video trainings will be drip-released to assist you in learning, integrating, and building upon the previous week’s teachings. Get ready to embark on a DEEP journey of wisdom.

Naomi H.

"Working with Bela helped me to step into my fullest potential. I discovered my genius area, I tripled my income as a coach, I boosted my confidence, self love and businessI totally recommend joining DAA, it's an amazing program and Bela is the sweetest, supportive, smartest and most amazing high-level coach I have ever worked with. I never thought I could change my life so fast but she show me that I am capable of anything."

The Method


Phase One: Foundation & Exploration

 During this phase, you will clear and prepare your mind for the powerful work of this course. You will also learn how to identify limiting beliefs and outdated agreements so that during phase two you’re ready to release anything that is holding you back from your fullest potential. You will learn about a variety of different spiritual concepts and principles that will change your life and pave the foundation for the rest of the program.


Phase Two: Removing Obstacles

During this phase, you will dive deep into your personal wounds to do the shadow and deep healing work that is required of you. Say goodbye to baggage, say hello to feeling light. You will also reconnect with your inner child and learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, once and for all. We’re doing the shadow work and clearing your karmic past so that you can finally stop letting other people define your worthiness. You’ll be equipped with the necessary tools to continue the healing work on your own, and you’ll be led through a powerful ancestral healing session.


Phase Three: Alchemize Energy

This phase is all about creating energetic alignment in your life. You will learn about energy dynamics through various lenses that will help you understand and identify energetic imbalances in your lives and the lives of others, as well as other tools to create conducive energy dynamics. You will also learn how to track your energy in your personal life, and in your relationships. In addition, you’ll learn about boundary setting and the details of how to have healthy relationships.


 Phase Four: Sacred Self-Love (The Study of You)

Get ready to fall deeply in love with yourself because it's time to make yourself the center of your universe. Throughout this phase, you will be exploring your connection with yourself, creating trust with yourself, exploring pleasure, and opening yourself up to connect to the collective consciousness with ease and confidence. By learning how to connect your body, mind, and spirit, you will become increasingly self-aware, and it will become effortless to be true to yourself. You will also be equipped with various spiritual practices and teachings that you can take with you outside of this course. Consider this, the study of you.


Phase Five: Activate Divinity (Unleash The Inner Artists)

You are here on earth as an expression of the divine. However, the society that you live in has disconnected you from fully exploring your divinity. Now that you’ve learned in depth about a variety of spiritual practices, it’s time to activate your divinity by becoming the artist of your life. In this phase, you will learn a variety of sacred principles as well as the art of language through a neurolinguistic programming lens (NLP) as well as more about energy healing, the connection between spirituality and science, and how to use your divine approach to life to create the life that you want for yourself. You will learn how to access your creativity, remove creative blocks, strengthen your connection with your intuition, further explore shamanism, the art of ritual, and begin to befriend the unknown. You will also begin to explore your personal medicine and learn about the yogic principles and way of life. Time to unleash your inner artist.


Phase Six: Attract Abundance (and manifest more) 

The abundance phase of this course will teach you how to step into receiving mode in order to attract the abundance that you want in your life. You will be exploring your relationship with money, learning spiritual rituals for abundance and manifestation, and you will learn how to become visible and step into the healing space. This final phase goes beyond the basics and enables you to leave this course with the tools to call in all that you desire.

Are you ready to Activate a life of Divine Alignment?


Bela's Background & Qualifications:

Bela's purpose is to connect with women by inspiring healing and growth through spiritual practices, psychotherapeutic techniques, writing, and exploration of the subconscious. She's multidimensional in her work and use sa variety of skills, techniques, and exercises to serve her clients.

In 2021 alone, she mentored over 125 clients.

Bela is a Board-Certified Life & Success coach with Master certifications in NLP, Hypnotherapy, EFT, and TIME techniques, and she's also a Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced IET Practitioner, and Certified Breathwork Practitioner & Meditation Instructor.

She  trained in specialized trauma healing techniques with world-renowned PTSD psychotherapist, Bessel Van Der Kolk for 1 year, and this work is primarily focused on healing trauma that is stored in the body. She teaches his techniques in depth in Divine Alignment Activator.

Additionally, Bela come from a spiritual lineage of Mexicans that originated from Toltec descent, and so she incorporate Toltec and Shamanic teachings and practices into my work. She has learned from both indigenous shamans in Mexico, as well as by being a part of a Toltec circle led by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

It is very important to Bela, in teaching anything spiritual, to maintain the integrity and depth of the practice and the culture it emerged from. 

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